Does CBD help with COVID recovery?

In the past year, new research and studies have shed light on various topics surrounding CBD’s effect on COVID recovery and prevention. Learn more as we walk through some of these studies and share what we know about CBD and COVID and whether CBD can be used after a COVID vaccine.


CBD and COVID Prevention - What the studies say

Can CBD really help with the prevention of COVID? The latest studies by expert researchers and leading universities might finally shed light on this question.

Research participants prescribed 100 milligrams-per-milliliter oral doses of CBD had a lower rate of contracting COVID than those who did not take any CBD, according to a study published in Science Advances in January 2022. 

Another study by Dr. Marsha Rosner from the University of Chicago also found that CBD is very effective at preventing protein expression in cells two and six hours after infection. A similar study by The University of Waterloo also found that CBD increases our cell’s response to several key proteins produced by the coronavirus. These new findings offer evidence that CBD can slow down the transmission of COVID within the human body. 

However, as these studies were not a clinical trial, they should not be seen as a definite conclusion of COVID prevention. We might soon get more information on the dosage and formula of CBD for COVID prevention if Dr. Rosner’s research moves into clinical trial in the future.  

In conclusion, CBD is not a substitute for COVID vaccines – it never will be. However, the latest studies have shown that CBD products have the potential to defend you against infections, which is a huge health benefit for anyone who wants to improve their immune system. 


Does CBD help with COVID recovery?

Similarly, because there hasn’t been enough time for extensive clinical trials, the research available on whether CBD can help with COVID recovery is still very preliminary.

A research team led by Dr. Moshe Yeshurun from Rabin Medical Center decided to test CBD on COVID patients because it effectively reduces infection. CBD helped treat 8 out of 11 COVID patients who saw improvements and recovery and were released from the hospital between seven days to a month. The hospital is now recruiting more patients to participate in more extensive research on whether CBD does help with COVID recovery.

To give you a full picture of the debate, there is research that was less positive on whether CBD does help with COVID recovery. 

In a study conducted by a team of Brazilian researchers, 105 patients with mild or moderate COVID were randomly assigned with either 300mg of CBD or placebo in addition to their standard symptomatic care for 14 days. They found no evidence or suggestions that CBD can help with COVID recovery and treatment. The same research team is now investigating whether CBD could act as an effective prevention for chronic post-COVID symptoms.


Is it okay to take CBD after your COVID vaccine?

There is no definitive medical research on whether taking CBD after your COVID vaccine is okay. Whether the compound would interfere with the COVID vaccine's efficacy is little known.

CBD is known to have a minimal side effect profile and is safe to use by almost any adult. No reports or evidence suggest that taking CBD after your COVID vaccine would cause them to interfere with each other or lead to negative effects or adverse reactions. Many CBD users continued with their CBD routine and had no problems.

Because CBD could modulate immune responses in some individuals, some CBD users opted to stop their CBD routine for a couple of weeks before and after their vaccine. This is probably the best route to take if you want to avoid even the slightest possibility that CBD can interfere with your COVID vaccine, but then again, the lack of scientific data forbids us from making any meaningful recommendations.


Can CBD help with the COVID vaccine's side effects?

Again, there is no decisive medical answer to whether CBD can help with the side effects of COVID vaccines. How you react to the vaccine and your previous experience with CBD might be considered.

Common side effects from COVID vaccines include:

  • Pain, redness, and swelling of the arm
  • Tiredness
  • Headaches
  • Muscle pain
  • Chills
  • Fever
  • Nausea

Whereas CBD products are known to be effective in:

  • Alleviating symptoms of inflammation and pain
  • Helping with seizure
  • Reducing anxiety

Though uncommon in most adults, some CBD users do experience nausea and lightheadedness as side effects. If you previously had these side effects with CBD and are experiencing nausea and headaches from your COVID vaccine, it might be wise to avoid coupling them together to prevent a heightened reaction. If you experience a severe adverse reaction from your COVID vaccine, seek medical help immediately.

There are no conclusive clinical trials or scientific data on whether CBD can help with COVID vaccines’ side effects such as muscle pain and swelling. But some users do find them helpful. 


Add CBD products into your daily routine

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