How Can CBD Oil Help Alleviate Anxiety For Parents?

Parents experience anxiety and stress at one point or another. What stands out between the two is that stress is a reaction to a situation or threat, while anxiety is a response to underlying stress.

According to the Anxiety & Depression Association of America (ADAA), most people diagnosed with anxiety disorders also suffer from depression, and vice versa.  

In their most recent facts and statistics;

• General Anxiety Disorder affects almost 6.8 million adults ( 3.1% of adults in the U.S. population). However, only 43.2% seek treatment.

• Social Anxiety Disorder affects 15 M adults ( 7.1% of adults in the U.S. population.)

SAD is common among parents. However, it starts in teenagers as young as 13 yrs old. A 2007 ADAA survey shows that 36% of people suffering from SAD take up to 10 years before seeking medication.


What does Research say?

Several studies are pointing to CBD oil for anxiety benefits.


For Generalized Anxiety Disorder

The NIDA says that CBD oil may help deal with generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) and has already been proven to reduce stress in rats.

While observing the study subjects, they showed lower anxiety behavioral signs after using CBD. Also, they had increased heart rate, a sign of improved physiological symptoms of anxiety.

More research should be done on humans about GAD to prove how CBD will help anxiety in parents.


In Other Forms of Anxiety

CBD oil may also help alleviate other forms of anxiety in parents, such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and social anxiety disorder (SAD). CBD may also help in the treatment of anxiety-induced insomnia in parents.

A 2011 study researched the effectiveness of CBD on Social Anxiety Disorder. Each participant was administered a 400 mg oral dose of a placebo or CBD oil. Those who had taken CBD oil experienced reduced anxiety.

Recent studies show that CBD oil may help in PTSD symptoms, a common condition among parents. Some of the PTSD symptoms include replaying negative memories and nightmares.

The studies look at CBD as a conventional standalone treatment for PTSD and supplement other medicines, including cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and medication.


How Does CBD Work?

The body has many yet different receptors - protein-based structures attached to cells– Receptors receive signal impulses from stimuli.

CBD interacts with CB1 & CB2 receptors. CB1 receptors are mostly in the central nervous system, while CB2 receptors are located in the spinal cord and the rest of the body.

Scientists have yet to understand how CBD may affect the brain's CB1 receptors. But, it alters serotonin signals.

The neurotransmitter serotonin is critical for mental health because its deficiency may result in depression. In other instances, serotonin deficiency may lead to anxiety.


How Long Does CBD Oil Take to Work for Anxiety?

The CBD administration method you opt for will determine how long your CBD will take before its effects kick in. 

There are two significant forms of oral CBD oil:

•  Slow-release forms: tablets, capsules, teas, and edibles ( such as cakes, lollipops, and nano gummies)

•  Fast-release forms: Mouth sprays and tinctures.

To use a fast-release form CBD oil gift set, you should apply them directly to your mouth. You will swallow part of the oil. However, most of it will be absorbed through sublingual capillaries on your mouth's lining. 

Thus, CBD oil would have bypassed the digestive track and released directly into your bloodstream. In this case, you will start experiencing CBD effects on anxiety within 15-30 minutes. The peak of the impact on anxiety will be after 2-4 hours, and they will last up to six hours. 

We recommend the Organic CBD Tincture for oral use.



Conversely, the body must digest the slow-release organic CBD gummies before they start acting on your anxiety. Hence, nano CBD gummies' effects on anxiety should manifest in 30- 180 minutes. In the stomach ( where CBD gummies are absorbed), liver enzymes have to break down the CBD, and not all of it will get into your bloodstream (first-pass metabolism).

But, slow-release nano CBD gummies for anxiety have a benefit: gummy effects for anxiety are sustainable and long-lived; they will last up to 8 hours.


Nano CBD Softgels for Sleep and Anxiety

To help deal with anxiety and insomnia, you will need to take these Nano CBD Softgels as part of your daily routine. These easy-to-swallow capsules that include our Day and Night wellness gift are water soluble and convenient. 

Nanoemulsion of CBD increases the absorption rate of CBD, leading to high bioavailability. Hence, you will experience quick and optimal results with a lesser CBD soft gel dose that leaves you with optimal results.



CBD may help you manage anxiety. However, you may consider talking to your doctor before resolving on CBD for your condition, especially if you are under prescribed medication.

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