How to Calculate CBD Dosage?

Calculating how much CBD you should take is very simple if you follow these simple steps. Before we start, have your CBD product by your side and get your calculator ready, we can get you a number in less than 5 minutes.


Determining the best CBD dosage for you

Determining how much CBD you should take will lie on a few key factors: how potent or concentrated your CBD product is, what symptoms you want to improve with your CBD product, and how well your body can absorb the CBD.

To give you an idea, calculating your CBD dosage should be a simple process that consists of these steps:

  1. Calculate your product’s concentration of CBD
  2. Use a dosage guide for your specific condition.
  3. Monitor and adjust


1. Concentration of your CBD

Most consumer CBD products such as gummies, capsules, soft gels, and CBD oil should already tell you how much CBD is in a single serving.

For example, the packaging of your CBD gummies might indicate that there is 25mg of CBD in a serving. The same is usually true for capsules and soft gels, where you could usually calculate how much CBD you are taking just by counting how many gummies or soft gels (servings) you must take.


Dosage for CBD oil

For CBD oil, calculating how many drops you should take is a little bit trickier. CBD oils typically come in a dropper bottle, where the packaging should indicate how much CBD is in a single drop, but that is not always guaranteed. If you can’t find that information on your product, you could still calculate yourself.

Generally, the dropper that comes with your bottle should hold around 0.05ml in volume per drop. If the CBD per drop is not indicated, you can calculate using the formula below.

CBD per entire bottle (mg) ÷ Volume per bottle (ml) x Volume per drop (ml) = CBD per drop(mg)

Let’s use a 30ml bottle with 2400mg of CBD for example:

2400 mg ÷ 30ml x 0.05ml = 4mg per drop

Once you’ve calculated how many drops of CBD oil you should take, find out how much CBD you should take for your specific condition and symptoms below.


2. CBD dosage for your condition

What are you using CBD for? Is it to help with anxiety? To improve sleep? To alleviate chronic pain? To help with weight loss? Depending on which health benefit you are trying to achieve and the severity of the symptoms you're currently experiencing, your dosage of CBD could vary significantly.

To give you a general idea of how much CBD you should take for your specific purpose, we’ve gathered typical dosages for the most common usage of CBD:



Typical dose per day

Anxiety & related problems 25 to 75mg
PTSD 33 to 49mg
Arthritis & Pain relief 25 to 35mg
Insomnia & sleep improvement 25mg to 175mg


3. Listen to your body

Because everybody’s weight and metabolism rate are different, a dosage that works for a 200-pound man might be ineffective for a 100-pound woman. The above numbers only reflect what works for the average CBD user and might not be the optimal dosage for you. Use these numbers as a frame of reference, and tweak your dosage according to how your body reacts.

Another way to determine how much CBD you should take per day is to use your own body weight. A larger and heavier person will likely have a higher tolerance and need a higher dosage than someone lighter. The chart below lists out how much CBD an adult should take according to the body weight and the severity of their symptoms.

These numbers provide a general number for all the various conditions that could be improved by CBD. It should give you a frame of reference on what an effective dosage might be for you and how much you can increase your dosage when symptoms are more severe.


  Mild Symptoms Moderate Symptoms Heavy Symptoms
Imperial (pounds) 1mg / 10lbs bodyweight 3mg / 10lbs bodyweight 6mg / 10lbs bodyweight
Metric (kg) 2mg / 10kg bodyweight 7mg / 10kg bodyweight 13mg / 10kg bodyweight

After determining your dosage per day, it's important that you stick to that dosage of CBD for at least a few days before thinking about moving up.

While it’s true that some people experience the benefits of CBD almost immediately after taking it, most will take a few days or even weeks before noticing significant improvements. The time it takes to see improvement will depend on many factors, such as the underlying cause of your condition and your body's ability to absorb the dosage of CBD.

We recommend starting with a lower dosage and being patient with the results. Keep a record of how your body is reacting to it, and lower the dosage if you experience side effects.


How much is too much?

While the research on CBD dosage is still fairly new, a 2017 study has found that humans can safely tolerate up to 1500 mg of CBD per day. Unless you plan on consuming half a bottle of CBD oil in one day, you should still be within a healthy range.

While CBD is generally safe for most people and rarely causes significant adverse reactions, some people who take CBD might experience a mild level of side effects which include:

  • Reduced appetite
  • Diarrhea
  • Drowsiness and fatigue
  • Dry mouth

If you are experiencing an increase in the above symptoms, it might indicate that your CBD dosage might be too heavy, or you are increasing it too fast or too soon. CBD can also interact with your other medications, so make sure you let your doctor know if you are experiencing noticeable side effects.


Key takeaway on CBD dosage

Remember that your dosage of CBD does not have to be a single rigid number. Instead, you can find out how much CBD you should take by finding a typical dosage for your condition and comparing it to a typical daily dosage for your body weight.

Together, these two numbers can give you a narrow range (such as 25mg to 40mg per day) of where your daily dosage should land. You should always start at the lower end of the range, keep track of how your body is responding to that dosage, and adjust it accordingly.


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