The Ultimate Present for Mother's Day: Gift Guide to CBD

With Mother's Day right around the corner, you've probably already started your quest for a gift that says 'I love you' and 'I care about you.' Mother's day is a perfect opportunity to express your gratitude and love to someone who gifted you with life. Is there a better way to do so than to help your beloved mother feel her best?

If your mother hasn't yet joined millions of CBD enthusiasts who use CBD daily, now it's a perfect opportunity to bring her on board. Getting started with CBD can get tricky due to many misconceptions about it and countless available options on the market. Thus, a CBD gift can help your mom begin her CBD journey with the right CBD product. 

CBD is an excellent gift for the upcoming mother's day, even if your mom is already amongst CBD enthusiasts, because it will show how much you care and love her. Still, choosing the perfect CBD gift can seem challenging; that's why this article will guide you in selecting the best CBD product as a Mother's Day gift. 


Choose a High-Quality CBD

Before we head to CBD product types you can choose, let's clarify the importance of selecting a high-quality CBD. 

CBD is a promising ingredient, yet if the product comes from unreliable sources, it can feature various toxic and harmful elements like heavy metals or pesticides. Some low-grade CBD products may not even feature the indicated CBD amount or have higher than legally allowed THC. These products will not drive the intended results and might cause unwanted side effects. Never cut corners in finding a high-quality CBD; always shop from reliable CBD brands and check third-party lab test results that confirm a CBD product's safety, purity, and potency.


1. Nano CBD Water-Soluble Softgels  + Melatonin 

Easy-to-swallow soft-shelled CBD capsules provide an easy and convenient way of consuming CBD. With this product, your mom will not have to do any prep work herself, as softgels feature premeasured CBD amounts, and all she will need is water to ingest. 

Besides, CBD coupled with melatonin is a perfect product if your mom struggles with insomnia or other sleep disorders. While CBD works with the ECS system to help balance the body and mind, melatonin in these softgels supplies the body with a sleep hormone crucial for a good night's sleep.

It's safe and recommended to take CBD softgels daily to experience CBD's results. However, one of the downsides of softgels is that because they'll need to go through the digestive tract first to make it to the bloodstream, they take a long time to deliver results. Besides, most CBD from softgels goes to waste as our bodies cannot absorb it fully and only a tiny portion of it makes it to the bloodstream and the endocannabinoid system (ECS). Luckily, that's no longer a problem with Nano CBD softgels. 

The advanced nanoemulsion technology makes CBD water-soluble and more bioavailable. That means more absorption, quicker and stronger effects, making nano CBD softgels a perfect Mother's Day gift. 


2. Nano CBD-Infused Vegan Gummies

If your mom has a sweet tooth, she'll be thrilled to receive CBD gummies for mother's day. However, that'd not be the case with most CBD gummies if she doesn't consume animal products. Gummies usually contain gelatin and aren't suited for vegans. Luckily, Ehalo CBD gummies are perfect even if your mother keeps a vegan diet. They provide the most delicious and fun CBD experience, and like nano CBD softgels, nano CBD gummies offer much faster results and higher bioavailability. 


3. Nano CBD Broad Spectrum Day & Night Sampler 

Choosing between premium CBD products can get tricky, especially when you don't know which one will become your mom's favorite. In that case, a CBD gift bundle with nano CBD gummies and nano CBD softgels with melatonin is an ideal gift. Your mom will be able to enjoy delicious CBD bites throughout the day and take CBD softgels in the evening for a better night's sleep.


4. Premium Lavender CBD Bath Bomb

All moms deserve a little me-time. CBD infused bath bombs are the best way for moms to elevate their relaxation routine. Each bath bomb contains 25mg of the most potent CBD to help relax sore muscles, hydrate the skin, and unwind you with a spa-like soothing experience. So drop one bath bomb into your mother's bathtub to leave them feeling refreshed, renewed, and revived after another hardworking of taking care of everyone else.


5. USDA Organic Broad Spectrum CBD Tincture

Ehalo’s newest tincture lineup offers CBD products that are pure, naturally aromatic, versatile, and tailored for moms who are constantly on the go. It is formulated with premium hemp extract with an organic olive oil base. Combining these two natural elements allows for maximizing the relaxation through the aroma of olive and the calming effect of CBD. Our unflavored tincture is delicately crafted to retain the highest purity and potency. If your mother loves to cook, Ehalo CBD tincture is an excellent addition to the baked goods.


6. Premium CBD Muscle Ease Cream

Aches and Pains won't stop mom from doing it all! Help mom prevents and recovers from muscle, joint, and chronic pain with Ehalo's CBD muscle ease cream. Ehalo's all-natural and organic broad-spectrum CBD pain relief cream can help soothe your muscles, relieve soreness, and free your mother from those disturbing aches and joint pain.


Why Ehalo CBD?

With so many CBD brands on the market, you might wonder why Ehalo is the best place to shop for Mother's Day gifts, and here's why:

  • Our mission is to provide the highest absorption rate and efficacy CBD products for women. 
  • We provide high-quality, safe, and premium CBD.
  • Our nano CBD offers five times more absorption than traditional CBD
  • All our products are third-party lab tested for quality, safety, and efficacy 

If you still have questions about our CBD or need professionals' help selecting the best Mother's Day CBD gift, don't hesitate to reach out to us. Our team of CBD experts will be happy to help! We're always available Contact Us. Consider us your CBD lady friends.