Does CBD Oil Work for Migraine?

Migraines go beyond typical allergy- or stress-related headaches. Migraine headache attacks can last anywhere between 4 - 72 hours. Even the dullest activities, like walking or being around light and noise, can worsen your symptoms.

While pain alleviating drugs offer temporal suppression of migraine attack symptoms, they tag a fair share of side effects. Unlike these medications, CBD for migraines has no side effects.

CBD is an active cannabinoid in cannabis plants. Its recent popularity results from the natural effects associated with health and wellness.

Read on to find out how CBD works for migraine and why you should try Ehalo CBD oil for migraine headaches.


What Does Research Say on CBD Oil for Migraine (Fact-Checked)

CBD oil has many benefits. It may help ease pain after interacting with specific brain receptors. These receptors form a section of the entire endocannabinoid system (ECS), which is responsible for alleviating pain throughout the body.

Research links medical cannabis to the following effects that may help treat migraine:

  • Easing nausea
  • Pain relief
  • Anticonvulsant effects

A 2017 study notes cannabis may help in dealing with migraine. However, more studies are necessary to determine how CBD helps deal with the condition.


How Does CBD Work for Migraine Treatment?

Living a stressful life, lack of sleep and biological problems like menstruation can trigger headaches. Its pain varies from balmy to severe. Sometimes, it is hard to tell what is causing your migraine. 

CBD is thought to help lessen nerve pain by attaching endocannabinoids to the brain's glycine receptors. The receptors help control the rate at which nerve signals travel through nerve cells.

Ehalo CBD benefits migraine management as it offers relief effects that range from mid to long-term relief. Women with a history of substance addiction may also exploit the use of CBD for migraine as it is not addictive. Hence, a safer remedy than over-the-counter pain medications.

Studies point to the dulling effect of CBD cannabinoids on pain. CBD works on migraines by interrupting message signals sent from the brain to the rest of the body. The process helps a CBD user not to feel any acute migraine pain. Not surprisingly, about 4 of 10 women who use CBD say they use the products for migraine treatment.

Our CBD Wellness Bundle may help in long-term relief by reducing symptoms of migraine that trigger the condition. For instance, people who experience frequent pain tend to suffer from anxiety; it's unpleasant and can affect an individual's overall mental health.

CBD oil for migraine headaches helps bring normalcy to the brain's ECS by stimulating the production of natural compounds like anandamide. CBD may also affect other forms of headache like cluster headaches or chronic migraine.


Is CBD Oil Safe for Migraine Relief?

CBD products, unlike THC cannabinoids, do not manifest any psychoactive or euphoric feelings. CBD is safer for use and less contentious. As detailed in several studies, CBD has been demonstrated to help deal with several conditions. 

Ehalo Organic CBD oil tincture is excellent, as it offers more natural relief than traditional medication that may leave you with side effects. CBD oil provides quick migraine relief, and you won't feel "high" after using it.

Like any other medication, you do not have to ingest CBD oil in large quantities for it to be effective. You need just the right amount of CBD in your system for the proper dose to work.


How to Use CBD Oil for Migraine?

If you’re wondering how to use CBD oil for migraines, you’ve come to the right place! We’ll go over how you can use CBD oil for migraine headaches and the ideal dose you may start with. 

The first step to treating your migraine with CBD oil is to spend time between consuming the product and getting into bed at night. The ideal time would be two hours after taking a meal (and half an hour before getting into bed). 

Sublingual CBD use is one of the most effective methods of ingesting CBD for headaches. The approach often referred to as the "under-the-tongue" method, will involve placing CBD oil tincture under the tongue using a dropper.

 Hold the oil for 30-60 before you swallow. CBD molecules will be absorbed into the blood system through the mouth's lining capillaries. Through the capillaries, it reaches the endocannabinoid system receptors via blood capillaries, and you will start experiencing its effects.

You may start slowly with this type of migraine treatment regimen. You should take small doses every few days until you can tolerate a level that allows you to take higher doses. In the process, you will not experience any adverse effects like paranoia or anxiety. 

If done correctly, CBD will help reduce both frequency and intensity of migraines over time without causing any adverse side effects like those of opioid drugs. These effects include nausea and vomiting, commonly occurring during standard pharmaceutical treatments.

With just one dose every day, we found significant improvement within one week after starting treatment; however, those who suffer from chronic headaches may need several months before seeing results due to its long-term healing properties. 

How Long Does It Take to Feel the Effects of CBD Oil? 

The time it takes to feel the effects of CBD oil on migraine depends on several effects like body metabolism and the dose you ingest. At high doses, you may notice results within a few minutes or an hour after taking CBD oil. But if you're using a low dose of CBD, this can take up to three hours before you start feeling optimal effects.

For some people, relief is immediate, while others take up to two weeks or even longer before they notice any changes in their symptoms.

Compared to other forms of CBD application, the oral ingestion technique offers high bioavailability percentages as molecules avoid first-pass metabolism by getting directly into the bloodstream.


Wrap Up on CBD for Migraine Treatment

While CBD oil is not a cure for migraines, it can help manage them. Also, CBD oil is not a substitute for the medication and should only be used under a doctor’s direction.

At Ehalo, we embrace CBD's liberating power as it helps our customers restore calmness and take control of their lives. Our Day and Night CBD Wellness Bundle and the top-selling Organic CBD Tincture will play an active role in your wellness journey as you deal with unbearable migraines and other conditions. 

Our first-class CBD products are designed to offer the intended effects without causing any side effects. For more information about our CBD for Migraine, Contact Us!