How To Incorporate CBD Into Your Daily Routine?

It’s time to look after your stress, anxiety, and insomnia. Incorporating CBD into your morning, nightly, and workout routines can dramatically improve your immune system maintenance and help manage pain and stress a whole lot easier. To help you get started, we’ve listed some of our favorite tips and tricks on incorporating CBD into various daily routines. 

Let’s get right into it.


CBD with your morning coffee

We know you need your coffee in the morning, and it's untouchable. No one can separate you. 

However, incorporating CBD into your morning coffee can make this daily ritual much more sustainable for your health in the long run.

Because morning coffee and CBD are a great pair, not only can CBD help alleviate inflammation, pain, anxiety, and other symptoms, it can also alleviate some of caffeine's irritating side effects. Drinking coffee daily, especially if the caffeine dosage is high, can often lead to heightened anxiety, insomnia, and digestive issues. 

Thanks to its calming effects, incorporating CBD into your morning coffee routine can counteract caffeine’s side effects without taking away the extra alertness and energy you get from your morning drink.


To incorporate CBD into your morning coffee routine, try:


1. CBD-infused coffee

Try out CBD-infused coffee beans and coffee products on the market. 

2. Adding CBD oil to your morning coffee 

Prepare your morning coffee as usual, and add in a few drops of CBD oil into your brew. 

3. Pair CBD products with your morning coffee 

Because CBD can degrade and lose its potency through oxidation, it’s best to consume your CBD product as quickly as possible once it leaves the bottle. 

Leaving your CBD oil inside your morning coffee for too long could possibly take away some of its strength. If you tried adding your CBD into your coffee but couldn’t feel its effect, this could be the reason. 

A better idea would be to take your nano CBD gummies, or USDA organic CBD oil as they are intended and drink your morning coffee at roughly the same time. This will ensure that your CBD can be consumed in its best condition.


CBD with your workout routine

No matter if you’re into cardio, yoga, competitive sports, or resistance training, CBD will always be a great product to incorporate into your workout routine thanks to its anti-inflammatory, muscle relaxing, and pain-relieving effects.

For both average CBD users and professional athletes, incorporating CBD into our workout routine means we can avoid muscle pain after a workout, concentrate better during the exercise, sleep well, and boost our energy level. CBD can also help with your pain, stress management, immune system maintenance and help adjust your appetite if you are cutting weight. Try our workout gift set bundle that includes nano-infused broad-spectrum CBD gummies that deliver maximum absorption into the body at an accelerated rate. 30 minutes before the workout can boost your energy and focus. It is vegan and natural!

You can rub Ehalo premium CBD muscle ease cream on your aches and pains to support muscle recovery. 


Key tips on incorporating CBD into your workout routine:


1. CBD can be used for your pre-workout routine

For many users, CBD can help keep them stay refreshed, alert, and concentrate better. Don’t be afraid to incorporate CBD into your pre-workout routine. It can help improve your performance and energy level.

2. Give your CBD some time to kick in

For most users, CBD will usually require at least thirty minutes to take effect. If you’re planning to incorporate CBD into your pre-workout routine, make sure you take your CBD products a bit early to achieve maximum effect. 

3. Take CBD ASAP for better recovery

Start with a lower dosage and work your way up. 25 to 50mg of CBD will be a great starting point for your post-workout routine and take them ASAP after a workout so they can reach inflammation earlier and keep them at bay.


CBD with your nightly routine

Better sleep and better rest mean fewer eye bags, less acne breakouts, and less stress and anxiety that puts you back into that horrible cycle. 

Incorporating CBD into your existing nightly routine will be super simple. No need to cook anything or buy fifteen pieces of gadgets and gear. Just take a few CBD gummies an hour to thirty minutes before your usual bedtime and let the product do its work.


For a better nightly routine with CBD, try:


1. Finding the right product and routine for you

While the general recommendation is to take CBD around an hour before your sleep, some users will find that a small dosage of CBD can make them feel alert and harder to fall asleep. You should always record how your body is responding to the dosage, make adjustments, and try out different products until you find a perfect solution.

2. CBD for sleep formulas

CBD night formulas often incorporate melatonin with CBD to help improve your sleep. Melatonin, often known as the sleep hormone, is a natural hormone that we already produce every day to help signal to our body that it’s time for rest. CBD with melatonin formulas can be a great addition to your nightly routine if you suffer from insomnia or poor sleep quality.

3. Learning more about CBD and rest

CBD for sleep and insomnia is an interesting topic, as each individual will respond differently to different products and nightly routines. Check out our other blogs on how CBD can help improve your sleep and reduce anxiety for more tips and insights.


How can a CBD routine benefit you?

Incorporating CBD into your various daily routines can bring many long-term benefits to your body. Even if you don’t drink morning coffee, don’t have an existing exercise plan, and don’t suffer from poor sleep or insomnia, you can still use CBD products for immune system maintenance and pain and stress management.


CBD and immune system maintenance

A busy lifestyle makes it difficult for us to maintain our immune system, but CBD products can provide an easy and convenient solution. By reducing stress and anxiety, CBD products can ensure your body has the energy to fight antigens every day and keep you away from infections and illnesses. 

Its anti-inflammatory quality can further protect your body, and its ability to improve your appetite ensures that you can get all the nutrients you need to strengthen your body. Like vitamin supplements, CBD products are a great investment for maintaining your immune system.


CBD for pain & stress management

If you suffer from any existing conditions, CBD products can help alleviate your symptoms and provide great pain and stress management. Many patients who suffer from neuropathic pain, arthritis, chronic pain, and skin conditions have found that CBD products can help with their inflammation and relieve some of their pain. 

Aside from managing pain, CBD is also well known for reducing stress and anxiety and is a great investment for any adult who wants to stay physically and mentally healthy in the long run.


Choosing the right CBD products for your routine

Take your time and try different products and formulas until you find the best routine for your body and mind. For a great-tasting CBD supplement made just for women, try Ehalo CBD gummies:

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• 25 mg per serving

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