How to Incorporate CBD Oil With Meditation?

Nowadays, living a hectic lifestyle makes us feel stressed, overwhelmed, and exhausted. According to recent statistics, 84% of Americans feel stressed at least once in a typical week, up from 78% in March 2021. Unfortunately, women are twice more likely to suffer from severe stress and anxiety than men, according to a study published in 2016. 

Whether it's your energetic kids running around, infants, work-related stress, house chores, health care, or any other triggers, finding a method to calm down and relax is an excellent strategy to deal with stress and anxiety. Meditation and breathing exercises are among the most common and simple ways to deal with stressors, bring awareness to oneself, stay in the present, and elevate our higher selves. 

Like these above-mentioned relaxing techniques, CBD has also gained many wellness enthusiasts' attention over the last few years, and it's a common natural remedy many consumers use to relax and calm down. Unsurprisingly, readers like you, searching for effective ways to relax, wonder how to incorporate CBD oil with meditation or breathing exercises for boosted effects. The tips below will help you infuse your mindfulness practice with premium CBD oil for quick results.


Tip #1. Choose the Right CBD Product

CBD is mainstream, so unsurprisingly, it comes in many forms and shapes from numerous retailers. Sad to say, not all CBD products are safe to use or bring the same results. One of the most crucial steps you need to take to incorporate CBD oil with meditation or breathing exercises successfully is choosing an effective and safe product. 

Firstly, choose the product type you want to use. We recommend getting started with CBD tincture for two primary reasons; 1. They are the fastest acting and most bioavailable out of all product types, so you won't have to wait for too long until CBD kicks in. 2. Tinctures are easy to dose, so you can gradually increase the intake until you find the correct daily dosage of CBD. CBD tinctures are the most popular product type among U.S. CBD consumers, according to the 2021 U.S. CBD Consumer Report.

Secondly, we advise you always to check third-party lab test results and shop from reliable brands with a good online reputation. Unfortunately, many products in today's crowded CBD market feature harmful ingredients and insufficient CBD amounts. Hence, the only way to know you're using a safe and effective product is to check independent laboratory test results.


Tip #2. Take CBD Before Meditation Session

Even in the fastest-acting CBD tinctures, CBD takes time to travel to the bloodstream and deliver effects; thus, we recommend taking sublingual CBD tinctures 15-30 minutes before your meditation session. That way, you can experience the power of CBD in combination with mindfulness practice and see how this duo helps you achieve calm and balance. If you take CBD right before the practice, CBD might kick in after you finish meditation, so you won't know how this combo works together compared to CBD and mindfulness practice working on their own.


Tip #3. Take CBD Regularly

Even if you don't practice meditation every day, we recommend you to take CBD daily, especially if you have other goals you want to achieve with CBD besides relaxation. Regular intake might help CBD build up in your body to deliver more noticeable results. Taking CBD every day is safe and common practice, so don't hesitate to make it your daily habit. If you still wonder why to take CBD regularly, read our blog, Why Should You Take CBD Every Day.


Does CBD Make You Relaxed?

While there's no definite answer to how CBD makes you feel, and it significantly depends on individual factors, we can say that a notable portion of CBD enthusiasts uses CBD products for this purpose. 60% of U.S. CBD consumers take CBD for relaxation, and more than 73% of them report CBD helps them calm down, according to the 2021 U.S. CBD Consumer Report. How CBD will affect, you will depend on factors discussed above, such as product quality, dosage, regular intake, and individual factors like body chemistry and metabolism. 


Why CBD and Meditation? 

Even though meditation and breathing exercises can reduce anxiety and help you relax, sometimes you might feel too stressed to get into it, and racing thoughts might make it unachievable to concentrate. If CBD works the same way for you as it does for many consumers who reported feeling relaxed after ingesting CBD, it can help you ease into mindfulness practice and bring your wandering mind back to the present. As a result, you can clear your mind and experience the combined effects of CBD oil, meditation, and breathing exercise. 


Why Ehalo CBD?

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