Why Should You Take CBD Every Day?

The CBD market is growing and expanding every day. You must have seen advertisements online, CBD products in stores, or heard your friends talk about it. It's everywhere. However, many individuals are still hesitant to test CBD or make it part of their daily routine. If you are still contemplating whether or not you should take CBD every day, here are all the things you need to know to make the right decision.


What is CBD? 

Let's cover the basics first. In simple words, CBD or Cannabidiol is a hemp-derived chemical known as a cannabinoid. Hemp is a type of cannabis plant that contains a high level of CBD and a low level of THC. Most important, CBD is a non-psychoactive and non-intoxicating compound. It comes in many different forms, the most popular being CBD oil.


What Are the Benefits of CBD?

If you're not entirely new to the CBD world, you've probably heard about CBD’s multiple uses and possible benefits. Many brands market their products as a cure-for-all, and many consumers enthusiastically share their positive experiences with CBD online. 

Are these claims valid? Can CBD help you treat medical conditions?

Although CBD does indeed sound promising, it’s no panacea. The only FDA-approved CBD drug is Epidiolex - a prescription medicine for treating seizures associated with Lennox-Gastaut syndrome, Dravet syndrome, or tuberous sclerosis complex.


Why Should You Take CBD Daily?

More studies and more data are needed to back up all these claims consumers or companies make online, but several studies and customer evaluations indicate CBD’s possible health advantages. 


To Achieve Better Sleep

Although additional study is needed, consumers report that CBD helps them with sleeping problems. We all need our beauty sleep to keep functioning normally, yet even if we get adequate hours of sleep, we will still feel exhausted if the quality is poor. Anxiety and pain are common causes of disturbed sleeping patterns. CBD can also indirectly affect sleep by reducing anxiety in some consumers. A 2019 research on CBD revealed that 66.7 percent of individuals improved their sleeping cycle after consuming CBD. 


To Chill Out

According to a study, CBD positively affected common anxiety disorders. Another study done in 2019  even suggests that it had benefits in treating PTSD.  In 2019, 50% of CBD consumers used CBD for relaxation, and 78,9% reported it as an effective ingredient. Although there’s no guarantee that it will affect you similarly, using CBD every day is a massive step towards achieving your goal. According to Healthline, Implementing CBD in your daily life can also potentially be effective in treating depression. CBD has the ability to regulate and boost the levels of serotonin. 


To Nurture Your Skin

We all want to have clear skin free of any painful bumps and acne scars. Another common reason people use CBD every day is to nurture the skin. CBD skincare and topical products allow you to apply CBD directly to the skin to enable the hemp-derived compound to work in a targeted area. According to a study in 2014, CBD, due to its anti-inflammatory effects, can help reduce acne - the most common human skin disease worldwide. One of the most common causes of acne is the overproduction of sebum. CBD can help reduce sebum production, reducing the chances of developing acne or preventing it from worsening.


To Help CBD Build Up in Your System 

Irregular intake of CBD is among the common reasons CBD doesn’t deliver the intended results for some consumers. Don’t expect to achieve miracles by just taking CBD once or twice. Like in many other instances making something a habit and regularly doing it has a more significant impact than doing it inconsistently. Taking CBD every day will allow it to build up in your system and provide you with better and more noticeable outcomes. 


To Supply ECS

One of the primary reasons to take CBD every day is to boost the body's endocannabinoid system's potency and function. The complex cell-signaling network - ECS plays a significant role in many bodily processes, including our emotions and stress responses. Many consumers find that daily intake of CBD helps them with various conditions. Although these outcomes vary across consumers, CBD works through the interaction with Endocannabinoid System (ECS) we all have in common.


CBD is Non-Addictive

There are many different ways to go about when it comes to coping with daily stress. CBD is one of the safe, non-addictive options. The majority of customers claim that consuming CBD daily aids them in achieving their long-term health goals. Taking CBD every day is safe, and even if you decide to stop taking CBD in the future, you won’t have to worry about withdrawal symptoms or unwanted consequences. CBD might even work as an intervention for addictive behaviors.


How Much CBD to Take Daily?

It's important to understand that CBD affects people differently based on their gender, age, weight, and other factors. As a result, there is no definitive answer to how much CBD you should take daily. There’s no universal dosage for everyone, and you have to experiment with CBD consumption and find the amount that works best for you and is suitable for your needs. 

A few factors could help you figure out what dose is correct for you. First and foremost, determine your level of CBD sensitivity. If you're very sensitive to it, you should go with small dosages. What kind of CBD product you're using is also an essential factor. Some products have very high concentrations, while others are pretty mild. You can also use CBD dosage calculators available online. They can make the whole process a lot easier. Although not 100% accurate, they provide a good starting point.

At the end of the day, it all depends on your health goals and what you expect to achieve. So take your time and find the proper implementation of CBD in your daily life. 


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