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What is Nano CBD?

What is Nano CBD?

The future of CBD products

If you are reading this, then there's a good chance that you've already heard about the CBD revolution that is happening across the globe.

Extracted from hemp, CBD can help you feel calmer, more focused, and more balanced in your day-to-day life (and the best part is it doesn't give you any 'high' feeling).

But did you know that while CBD is truly amazing, not all CBDs are equally as effective?

It’s true! While there are many types of CBDs out there, not all of them are absorbed in your body the same way. In fact, did you know that certain types of CBD can be absorbed in your body 5 times faster than others?

And that type of CBD is called Nano CBD - let’s break down what it is, and its benefits…

What is Nano-optimized CBD?

Nano-optimized CBD is made by the process of infusing CBD with nano-carriers. Nano-carriers are commonly used in vitamins and supplements - in fact these little guys are only 100 nanometers in size (or if you have your ruler out - one billionth of a meter).

So why do we do this?

Because CBD is an oil, and your mouth and digestive tract contain a lot of water. These two things typically don't mix very well. This means that when you swallow regular CBD, it tends to stay in droplets, which makes most of the CBD molecules inaccessible until they are fully digested. This slows down the process, making it harder for your body to absorb, and prolonging the positive effects of the CBD oil.

So, by infusing CBD oil with nano-carriers, the CBD is more likely to absorb in your body faster and stay in your body longer. It's a win win!


What are the benefits of Nano CBD?


No one wants to spend money on something and not get what they paid for - right?

Well, that’s the beauty of Nano CBD.

By absorbing in your body faster and lasting longer, you ensure that your body is getting the proper dose of CBD that it needs. Regular CBD might only absorb around 10% in some people. Nano CBD benefits the entire absorption process by making it more efficient so that your body can enjoy the calming effects of CBD faster and longer.

How does Nano CBD differ from regular CBD?


Less is more in Ehalo!

While regular CBD is great, the truth is that it’s just nowhere near as efficient as Nano CBD. 

In fact, we've seen nearly 90% absorption from our Nano CBD softgels. Also, according to the lab tests, this means that your body will absorb Nano CBD over five times faster than the non-Nano CBD of our competitors.

What are the benefits of Nano CBD?

1. Better Absorption

Our nano CBD products offer 5 times more absorption than the market oil-based brand—that’s 90% absorption!

2. More Effective

The active ingredients in our nano CBD products are smaller than 100 nanometers for faster assimilation into the body.

3. Greater Benefits

Our nano CBD products have higher cellular penetration, which means the products deliver on their promise.

4. Longer-Lasting

Nano products will remain stable and effective longer because they have an impressive shelf life.

Where do I shop for Nano CBD products?

Before you shop for Nano CBD products, it's important to know a few things. Shopping for CBD products might seem overwhelming - there are many options on the market! When looking for Nano CBD products, it's important to find a transparent brand to know exactly what you are getting.

Here at Ehalo, we apply rigorous testing to our Nano CBD products. This means that our products are manufactured in an FDA-registered lab, and just as importantly, all of our CBD products are tested by ISO-certified labs.

We do this because transparency means everything to us.

Shop our Nano CBD products today - we have a wide collection of Nano-infused CBD gummies and CBD softgels for a calmer and more restful night’s sleep.