We are Ehalo Care


Ehalo Care was founded on the principles of natural health and wellness.

Stress is ubiquitous and follows us everywhere. Since it is simply unavoidable, our purpose is to calm you down efficiently and healthily. We explore a wide range of first-class organic CBD products design to reduce your anxiety in the healthiest and the most natural ways. 

Wellness is an ongoing process and is a multifaceted approach to living well in all life areas. Ehalo’s mission is to help you to gain clarity, and control over your busy life using the finest organic ingredients.  We focus the business on more sustainable choices that are environmentally sound and socially responsible.

Ehalo Founder


Founder Hsin’s life forever changed after a friend suggested CBD during her difficult times.

Hsin Chen is a single mother of two children who has lived in Singapore, Hawaii, Boston, New York, Sao Paulo City, and Taipei City—currently residing in Barcelona. She worked in a marketing and communication agency before moving to Barcelona.

Hsin launched Ehalo as a way of giving back to share premium organic CBD products with people who are suffering from anxiety and stress, especially single parents. Not only that, but she has also created a wellness community called Nanani World offering advice on single parenting, wellness journey, sustainable living, and much more. 

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Our Finest Partners

Our goal is to create a wellness journey with high-quality products for you. We focus on overall well-being, self-care, and empowering healthy life choices.

We choose our partners carefully, and after extensive due diligence, Ehalo and the team have partnered with the sharpest minds in the industry, as well as a team of farmers and extractors who are committed to cultivating clean and premium hemp-derived phytocannabinoids.

All of our hemp is cultivated in Colorado and Kentucky on USDA certified organic farms. Our strategy for growing and harvesting hemp at our farm aligns with our dedication to providing some of the finest quality CBD on the market

A Commitment to Excellence

1. Quality Controls

Our products are manufactured in FDA-registered and GMP-compliant facility. Produced from the same strain to ensure uniformity.

2. Pharmaceutical Grade

Our products are made in USA. They are formulated with strict guidelines and quality control measures up to pharmaceutical-grade standards.

3. Pure & Clean

All products are tested in a third-party lab for the potency and purity. We ensure no metals, pesticides, THC, fillers, or other harmful substances. 

4. U.S.A Organic

Our products are environmentally friendly and made from the finest medical-grade hemp grown certified organic farm in the U.S.A.


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